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Jun16, 2021

A Truly Sad Day

As we approach the two-year anniversary of Sean’s death, I am still in disbelief that he is gone. So much has happened since that fateful Father’s Day morning in 2019. Some days it feels like ten years have passed since we were together. Then I see something that reminds me of Sean, the emotions come rushing back, and I feel like it was just yesterday that he was here. I know you never get over [...]

Apr10, 2021

Happy Birthday Sean

Today would have been Sean’s 31st birthday. Most likely, we would have spent the day at a Yankees’ game or possibly riding bikes down the shore. There most definitely would have been cake, and smiles, and laughter, and did I mention cake. This year, similar to last year, there will be less laughter and smiles as we continue to miss Sean dearly. However, there is a reason to put a smile on our faces, and [...]

Feb19, 2021

This week I celebrated my birthday

This week, I celebrated my birthday. I am always grateful to have another trip around the sun, but this year, I was more reluctant to celebrate it publicly. With Live Like Sean's release, I have had the great opportunity to tell Sean's stories to so many. Each time I recount a memory, it brings both a smile and a tear. I have been sharing many of these memories on social media and in the promotion of [...]

Jan22, 2021

Live Like Sean Is an Amazon Best Seller

Sean loved sports. He never let us leave a game early. Despite not being able to read or add, he always knew which team was leading and how many more points his team needed to clinch the win. Sean was thrilled when his teams would make the Top 25 rankings. I am sure he is smiling down on us now, knowing that in less than 48 hours after his book's wide distribution, Live Like Sean became an [...]

Nov24, 2020

The Final Draft

I just saw the final draft of the book cover, Live Like Sean, and despite the Florida sun, I have goosebumps. What started as an idea, thanks to my good friend Steve Adubato, and a cathartic exercise at the suggestion of my therapist, Joe Bizzarro, the book is now weeks away from being shared. For reference, the actual release date is January 19th. It is already on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for those [...]



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