This week I celebrated my birthday

This week, I celebrated my birthday. I am always grateful to have another trip around the sun, but this year, I was more reluctant to celebrate it publicly.

With Live Like Sean’s release, I have had the great opportunity to tell Sean’s stories to so many. Each time I recount a memory, it brings both a smile and a tear. I have been sharing many of these memories on social media and in the promotion of the book. I debated making a post about my birthday and how Sean loved birthdays – his, mine, his sisters, his mom, etc. However, I knew that well-wishers would extend birthday greetings both on- and off-line if I posted that would make me sad that Sean was not with me to celebrate.

Then I thought, what would Sean say about me choosing not to celebrate my birthday publicly. He would say, “Dad, stop it.” Sean would want me to enjoy my special day. He would want me to smile, he would want me to be happy, and mostly, he would want me to have cake.

I vowed to “Live Like Sean” – not when it was convenient, but always. So, I posted a photo of Sean and me from his 23rd birthday with the following post:

Sean loved birthdays – his, mine, yours. He loved celebrating people, and of course, he loved cake. Today, on my birthday, my wish is to be able to share my cake with Sean. This photo is from Sean’s 23rd birthday. While celebrations are hard without him, the little things are what I miss the most. His laughter, his smile, and of course, his signature bear hugs. So today, as I try my hardest to #LiveLikeSean, I will laugh, I will smile, and I will hug those around me. It came so easy for Sean and he inspires me every day to live as he would.

Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to wish me a happy birthday. And to Sean, yes, there was cake.


TJ and Sean on his 23rd birthday