Live Like Sean Is an Amazon Best Seller

Sean loved sports. He never let us leave a game early. Despite not being able to read or add, he always knew which team was leading and how many more points his team needed to clinch the win. Sean was thrilled when his teams would make the Top 25 rankings. I am sure he is smiling down on us now, knowing that in less than 48 hours after his book’s wide distribution, Live Like Sean became an Amazon Best Seller for Kindle downloads in his category, coming in at #25 and rising.

Tuesday was a mix of emotions for me, with the book’s official debut. While I knew Sean was an extraordinary individual, it is heartwarming to see how his story touches so many others. Reading through the reviews on Amazon, tears came to my eyes. One reviewer wrote, “This is an important story that will not only resonate with and inspire families of special needs children, but will also force all who read it to take a second look at how they live.” Another said, “Sean and TJ were an amazing duo that brought out the best in each other. There are so many great stories in this book that make you stop and think about changes you could make in your own life.” I knew writing this book would not only be cathartic for me but resonate with so many others. Tell me how this book has touched you by leaving a review on Amazon.

Thank you for all of your support in keeping Sean’s memory alive by sharing the way he chose to live. #LiveLikeSean