The Final Draft

I just saw the final draft of the book cover, Live Like Sean, and despite the Florida sun, I have goosebumps. What started as an idea, thanks to my good friend Steve Adubato, and a cathartic exercise at the suggestion of my therapist, Joe Bizzarro, the book is now weeks away from being shared. For reference, the actual release date is January 19th. It is already on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for those who want to pre-order. We have already sold over 2000 copies in just a couple of days. While I know most (ok, all) are from my family, it still feels good to know we are off to a great start.

Writing this book was not easy, I am not going to lie. There were many days I did not want to finish. I wanted to watch Sean and Bobby on the basketball court with Team Storm. I wanted to be making plans to go to a Yankees or Giants game. Sean’s favorite football player, Eli Manning, retired and he never got to see his last game. This is not how it should be, but, this was my new reality.

There were also days that I couldn’t wait to sit down and write. I would hear a song on the radio or someone would say something to me in passing and I would immediately think of Sean. Writing this book has kept me close to Sean and has helped me to preserve these memories so that I never forget.

Maybe one of the lasting lessons that Sean has left me with is that there is always another chapter to be written in one’s life and perhaps my next chapter is as a writer like my two favorite authors Harlan Coben and Mitch Albom. Time will tell.


writing the final draft